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Autodesk Revit

At E.D. Pons, we have the capability to create models with multiple design options.

E.D. Pons and Associates currently uses Autodesk Revit structure to create detailed building information models (BIM). We have been utilizing this software since 2009. Currently projects utilizing Revit account for 80% of our billable hours.

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Efficient Possibilities

Revit structure allows us to link our design software with the building information model. This link decreases our design time and allows more flexibility for exploding multiple design options. Utilizing the BIM model we are able to simultaneously coordinate our model with the other design disciplines. This coordination reduces design inefficiencies and enhances our ability to resolve constructability issues before they occur.

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Multiple Design Options

BIM models created by our office are true 4D models. All sections cut in the model are “live” and tied directly back to information contained in the model. Anything on a construction document that would appear on a 1/4” scale drawing or smaller is in the model.

We have the capability to create models with multiple design options. This allows the design team to explore different building configurations during the design and allows us to create construction documents with several alternates.

E.D. Pons and Associates Services
E.D. Pons and Associates BIM

BIM Case Study

E.D. Pons and Associates utilized Revit Structure to design the new science building for Wilkes University. The new construction is a four story steel-framed building that is adjacent to the existing science building. The existing building is a curved masonry bearing wall structure. In order to maximize the available space the new structure was built around the radius of the existing building.

To ensure that the new structure interfaced correctly with the existing building a separate model was created for the existing structure. This model was then linked into the structural model using the project control point. With both the existing and new model linked together conflicts were clearly visible within the 3D view or when sections were cut.

The models from all of the design disciplines were linked together for coordination. Using Dropbox models were updated automatically on a weekly basis. This ensured that everyone on the design team was working with the latest information.

Due to budget limitations the owner requested that the building be designed with several alternates. The design option function with Revit allowed our office to produce a model with multiple design options. Construction documents were then created for the different design options by configuring the views within Revit Structure. The project bids came back 2.5 million dollars less than the budget so all of the alternates were selected.

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