Structural Engineering Services

E.D. Pons

E.D. Pons and Associates, Inc. has expertise in the preparation of plans, specifications, cost estimates and engineering studies and analysis.

We work directly with owners, architects and contractors, providing full structural engineering services for residential, commercial and industrial construction. Our staff has expertise in the design of structural systems including systems which utilize structural and cold formed steel, aluminum, concrete, masonry, and timber.

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E.D. Pons and Associates Services

Commercial and Industrial Applications

As businesses and industries expand, develop, and change use, the building infrastructure often requires structural upgrade, retrofit and/or expansion. Whether you are changing from retail to restaurant or upgrading medical equipment, we are prepared to assist you in developing efficient solutions to your engineering needs. We work directly with facility owners, architects, and contractors to ensure proper designs for your specific applications.

E.D. Pons and Associates Services

Owner Services

We are pleased to work directly with owners at any stage during the design process. We perform structural assessments of existing buildings, provide structural evaluations of existing conditions/ capacities, and investigate the feasibility of renovation ideas. We also conduct building inspections of residential and commercial facilities to provide prospective owners with a review of the structural condition and considerations for a particular building.

E.D. Pons and Associates Services

Architect Support Services

We provide full engineering support to architects in varying capacities aimed to meet your individual needs. We provide services ranging from engineering review of structural details developed by your in-house designers, to full construction document development with framing plans and details. We also perform field inspections. Working together with us, you and your client have enhanced resources and assurance throughout the design and construction phases.

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