Moscow Sewer Authority Expansion

Cast-In-Place Concrete Structures

E.D. Pons and Associates provided the structural engineering services for additions to the existing Moscow Sewer Authority treatment plant.

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Project Details

  • Client: Moscow Sewer Authority
  • Location: Moscow, PA
  • Architect: BCM Engineers
  • Project Cost: $4,600.000
  • Project Size: 10 Acres
  • Completion Date: 2009

The additions included an new clarifier, oxidation ditch, digester and influent storage tank. Modifications were also made to the control building.

Structural Construction

E.D. Pons and Associates - Moscow Sewer Authority Expansion
Concrete Structure
E.D. Pons and Associates - Moscow Sewer Authority Expansion
Clarifier Tank Construction

All of the new tanks were designed as cast-inplace concrete structures in accordance with the requirements of ACI-360. The clarifier tank was designed using the PCA design manual for circular tanks to maximize the efficiency of the design. All of the tank equipment was incorporated into the design to reduce construction costs. Pressure relief valves were built into the tank slabs to reduce the amount of weight required to resist hydrostatic uplift. This resulted in a significant cost savings due to the height of the existing water table. Modifications to the existing building included filling in some existing unused tanks and repairing some of the buildings structural elements.

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